About Giggle Fest and Manifest!

Giggle Fest and Manifest! is all about using the power of laughter to intentionally feel better, raise your vibe, while purposefully creating a life you desire. Using both Laughter Yoga and an understanding of how the law of attraction and energy work, Giggle Fest and Manifest! can assist you in finding joy even when you're not particularly feeling it, moving your energy into a more positive direction, while reminding you of the childlike playfulness we often forget as adults.

Deliberate creators know that you cannot be happy and sad in the same moment. So by deliberately raising your vibration to one that is silly and playful, you will be in the perfect vibrational place to allow the good stuff in!

You've probably heard the saying that "laughter is the best medicine," but did you know that researchers are actually confirming this in some of their studies? Laughter has many physical as well as psychological benefits. Even “faking” laughter translates as “laughing” by your body and when you “fake laughter,” youʼll soon find that you end up genuinely laughing and giggling as you feed off of this wonderful energy. Laughter is really contagious and it's OK to catch it! 🙂

So let down your inhibitions, explore this site, and listen to the Giggle Fest and Manifest! calls when it's convenient for you. Feel free to join a call "live," leave comments and engage with Barbara Clark, your Certified Laughter Yoga Leader for the Giggle Fest and Manifest! calls. To learn more about Barbara, see Meet Your Leader.
To learn some more about the health benefits of Laughter Yoga, here's a short video.










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