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Known  as The Spirited Strider, Barbara Clark is an educator in higher education, loves learning and especially loves to laugh! She holds a Master's degree in Counselor Education and completed all but the final dissertation toward a Ph.D. in International Comparative Education. "Life" interrupted her formal studies but led her to her journey as The Spirited Strider and into blogging, laughing and loads of personal development. A Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Law of Attraction Coach at Spirited Strides, Barbara also spends time at GoodVibeUniversity  as a faculty member. This is where her Giggle Fest and Manifest! calls first began.  Barbara's vision and intention  is to serve as a catalyst in providing tools for people to live more positive, joyful lives - no matter what they think is their 'reality.'

With willing clients, Barbara sometimes uses EFT in her coaching. Barbara completed Levels I and II in The Tapping Experience with Carol Look and Nick Ortner and has studied and used EFT for over 5 years in her own personal journey. Most of all, Barbara loves to laugh, uplift, ponder, teach and learn. Barbara says, "Life is meant to be fun, so why not giggle through it?"

Coaching and Mentoring from Spirited Strides
Coaching and mentoring is by phone and by appointment. Barbara's guiding principle comes from her knowledge of how the law of attraction works. Heavily influenced by the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle and Abraham-Hicks, Barbara believes that everyone has the ability to deliberately be happy. To schedule a session with Barbara, complete the form below.  Barbara is also available for group sessions for businesses and organizations in the New York City area. To learn more, contact her at

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